Femdom hypnosisI am not your typical FemDomme hypnotist.

I will not be claiming to be a certified hypnotist (not yet anyway), and some Erotic Hypnosis Purists probably won’t be happy with what I do.  I find long “hypnosis sessions” to be tedious and draining. (Although I can do them, and sometimes will if I am in the mood)  These methods are “overt” (that is the subject knows they are happening).  Perhaps that’s why they are not My preference.  I think covert methods are much sexier! (Or semi-covert methods, in which you are told you will be exposed to hypnotic techniques, but not taking you through a traditional induction)

I have been told (even by purists) that I am a “natural” at hypnosis.  Intuitively, I know how to pace a session and use My erotic voice to lull you into an obedient and submissive state.  This lends itself to the covert techniques that I prefer to use.

My powerful and covert hypnotic techniques cause you to become profoundly addicted to Me and how I make you feel. I use selected photographs during Pay Mail sessions that increase your vulnerability

I use these techniques to turn you into the kind of slave that *I* want, they are part of your training. I combine hypnotic techniques with other training methods to turn you into a completely subservient and obedient slave to Me!

Mind Control is a tool to obtain what I want, not the solitary goal.

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