Blackmail MistressExploring a blackmail fetish with Me is unlike any other Mistress.

I pride Myself on dancing on the edge, leaving you unsure if you are actually being blackmailed as I make demand after demand.

I take My time getting to know you, getting “the goods” on you, and getting enough of your information so it would be possible to blackmail you…..

and by the way, I have NO motivation for spending MY time to get your information for free. I am far too lazy to do any free work to “get the goods on you”

You will just give it to Me in the course of paid phone calls and paid email sessions.

Then the dance begins.

It will be expensive, and you won’t even really be sure if you are being blackmailed or not.  I refuse to say.  You will have to find out the hard, expensive way.

This is an older Pay To View I have done, but its among one of My best and one of My favorites

Buy it to get an idea of “My Flavor” of blackmail.


This is a fantasy blackmail assignment. You’ll view a slideshow to weaken your mind, and then follow some directions on an MP3. But don’t worry, its just pretend. Isn’t it????




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