cuckoldry (8)What could be more humiliating than sacrificing your cash to a beautiful FinDomme you have NO chance of every having an intimate relation with?

Why also enriching the wallet of Her man as well…
you are not man enough for Me, so instead you are the wallet for Me and My boyfriend (a true man) to be happy.

I have a fantasy scenario for you to do here with us on Niteflirt.

You will have to have two accounts, two phones and two credit cards.
On one phone you will call Me at $50 a minute and I will ignore you.
On the other phone, you will call my other account and speak to My boyfriend at $50 a minute, and he will verbally abuse you.
Meanwhile, I’ll be sending you VERY large PTVs with photos of Me and perhaps My boyfriends cock.

This type of fantasy must be arranged in advance 🙂

Are you pussywhipped enough to fulfill it?

This is financial rape in true style 🙂

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