Has served since: 1/08

Amount spent as of 3/6/17 $85,900

wallet cunt has been with Me over nine years now. For a long time he was My number one spender, and he still holds the record for the biggest session with Me ever- $7676 detailed in this blog post  

Most of that record spend was in only 5 minutes, as he paid several $999 ptvs that were completely empty as fast as I could send them AND talking to Me for $50 a minute.

Another delicious sessions is detailed here


For a long time, wallet cunt was My leading spender, then sadly he moved to a country that couldn’t access Niteflirt, and his progress languished.

Then…just very recently he was back, spending $2600 in a very hot session just a couple weeks ago. I’m looking for you cunt. I’m hungry for another record on your pig back.

I still need that $10,000 session I long for!