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Are you just an ordinary money slave?

Many of you reading this fall into this category.  Some of you will become Extreme Money Slaves, and some of you will become Poor ones. (Maybe in that order!)

Many of you have the ability to put Me on a budget (One I am always testing and pushing)

Lets get something straight here.

I do NOT follow your budget for spending on Me.

Sure, have the budget, but I plan on luring you in to spend more…
ordering you to spend more…tempting you….

addicting you to spend more.

Remember, I’m not the one that’s clicking and paying. YOU ARE.

I’m not the one calling Me and stroking to your addiction. YOU ARE.

I’m not the one who has an addiction problem that keeps you spending on Me.  YOU ARE.

I am responsible for making your addiction possible.  You are the fucking addict.

Now shut up and pay.

You know you want to.

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