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First I will addict you…..then I will exploit you

I have made that tagline famous for a reason.

Some of you have already been completely mindfucked and wallet raped by Me.

Others of you will.

It’s common in the FinDomme world to throw around short pithy statements like:

I am your new addiction.

Fuck you Loser, pay Me!

When *I* tell you that I will addict you, I am not just marketing myself, I am not just throwing bullshit, I am not just writing something to fill the page up.  I am letting you know that I *know* HOW to addict you. I have the DESIRE to addict you, and I have a fetish for it.

Yes a fetish. I get off on making men sooooo completely hooked on Me, that they will do almost anything for just a few moments of my attention.

I use methods that I have personally developed and polished, to make you addicted to Me.  I turn your fetish into ca$h for Me.  Browse My pages and you will see something that works you up. Some leverage against you.

Not everyone will become addicted to Me naturally, but some of you are more vulnerable to the My manipulations, and those of you will find yourself in DEEP trouble.  I have many many tools that I employ. Seduction, Hypnotic techniques, psychology, sexual desire, pride, shame….really no stone is left unturned and I individually customize your training, considering your fetishes, your preferences, your desires to maximize My profit.

You are one of the ones that can be addicted.  The fact you are reading this is evidence.

You have been warned, now report to serve!
Get addicted to Lauren!

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