Has served since:  12/13/13

Amount spent since 1/19/17 Niteflirt: $116,030  Off from Niteflirt: Approx 30,000-40,000 (Including a trip to Hawaii and to Florida)


My slave wallet rape toy is the second biggest Niteflirt spender and if you add in gifts he it has purchased for Me, it might be the biggest spender ever

This slave spent close to $100,000 on Me in his first year of service, pretty much financing about 1/3 of My biggest year on record.

He has been My “santa slave” for the last three Christmases. He bought gifts, not only for Me, but for My whole family and My friends. The first two were the most outrageous and over the top I have ever had. We had sooo many gifts under the tree, there was hardly room for us to sit there. THOUSANDS of dollars of gifts, everyone got everything they wanted, it was great!  One Christmas it included a Hawaii vacation for My man and I, the next year a Disney vacation. (The miracle of gift cards)


This year he bought a lot too, but subdued….I broke him!

This dangerous/fun/arousing/erection inducing set really turned him into My helpless mind controlled paypig

I often refer to him as robo pig, and the funny thing is, I have really devastated his finances. He maxed out all those credit cards, but I make him stroke over the bills.

He fantasizes about sucking My boyfriend’s cock while I completely take everything.

I have a prediction.  He will sell his house to give Me the cash. He needs to serve, its been programmed into him, and that pathetic little house is the only thing he has.

I would tell him to refinance it or get a home equity loan, but I think his credit is so trashed that he couldn’t get a loan.

So he should sell that house, move into some cheap little flea infested apartment, with his only bills rent, electricity and internet. (need the electricity to pay the internet, needs the internet to pay Me!)
He can burn his credit card bills and collection agency bills to stay warm as he pays Me.

Maybe he can get men to buy him a McDonald’s burger for sucking their cock.

Meanwhile, he pays Me as he can. Usually crying and whining about how I have destroyed his finances, but I am the GOD and he deserves it, and he is not worthy to do anything but pay.

I’ve broken this guys life, and do I feel guilty?  Hell now, I get turned on thinking about it!