I am a very successful Financial Dominant because of an ability I have to addict slaves to Me.  This isn’t just lip service to the phrase, it is real.  I employ a wide variety of  techniques, including seduction, operant and classical conditioning and other lesser known powerful covert psychological methods.   This is also My preferred use for hypnotic techniques, as a tool to increase your addiction.

I have spent a great deal of time studying these addictive techniques, as well as the science of addiction itself, and I am always experimenting on slaves–using them as guinea pigs to increase My effectiveness with new slaves.  Many a curious man, who didn’t consider himself submissive has been completely overtaken by My methods.

It’s dangerous.
And erotic

And exhilarating.  Nirvana for erotic adrenaline junkies.

So you’ve been warned, don’t cry to Me later.

And you’re being invited to see what it is I do….

Here are a few of My most effective Pay Mails.