money slaveFirst of all, let Me say that I do NOT want to hear from anyone that is poor begging for free attention, or lower prices.  I don’t even care if you’re poor because you spent yourself into poverty on ME.  You don’t have cash now, so I don’t owe you endless attention because you spent $100 or $1000 or $10,000 or $100,000 on Me.  That was then, this is now.

I don’t care

Does the Mercedes dealership lower their price because all you can afford is a fucking Hyundai?  No, they say..go buy a Hyundai or take the bus!

Can you buy a $5 million dollar mansion for the price of a mobile home?   Fuck no, you have to live in a trailer park.

That being said, there are low priced Pay To Views that only cost a couple of bucks.

Go buy them.

Want to serve Me low cost?

After you buy your $2 email, leave feedback saying how wonderful I am.  Poor money slaves should always do this, it is one of the only ways you have to actually serve Me

Save your pennies for the low cost things that are on My wishlist. (I always have things under $10, but you have to fucking look)

Make a twitter account–work on getting followers  and Tweet this or like this

Mistress Lauren is the best and most ruthless Mistress on Niteflirt.  Check her out!

Yep, drive new victims to Me. Use that exact link and I will even get a commission if they join. That is one way for you to serve Me.

Here is something else you can do (All slaves can do this, not just poor ones)   Do you buy stuff on Amazon? Anything?  Save this link to your favorites in your browser    Now, whenever you want to buy something on Amazon, open this link and then buy it as usual.  Why?  I’ll get a commission because I am an Amazon affiliate.

Save the link now.   Put it on your browser toolbar.  ALWAYS use that link to open Amazon. Good boy.  I won’t be able to tell its you buying stuff, but I will still get the commission.

Now go buy a small something for Me, a gift or an email.   If you can’t afford $2 or $10 now and then, you don’t have any fucking business being a money slave, you need to go and get out of your mother’s basement now and then and go find a fucking job. Or two.

Or sell some things on Craigslist or Ebay- spend the cash on ME of course.
Whore yourself out for blowjobs and spend the cash on ME (Don’t ask Me to find you cocks to suck, I can’t be bothered)

No credit card?  You can use your debit card you fool, or get a prepaid one.

And remember, if you have no cash, but big credit card bills from spending on Me in the past, you can always jack off while staring at your credit card bill.  That’s free!



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